NEWS - May 16, 2010

Most of my programming done over my vacation was spent on polishing Robot Labyrinth (my next browser game) and getting it ready to be released which will occur before the end of this month (May). Other then that (which was necesary) I did not get a lot done.

I still plan on adding two more news feeds to the Casual Game News Engine. One of my other programs, the Random Music Player, has been receiving some awards for excellence from different download sites. The Random Music Player is still available for free and can be found by clicking on its link on the left.

NEWS - May 9, 2010

My next browser game, called Robot Labyrinth, is finished and in sponsorship. To read more about it check out the Blue Fire Games link on the left.

This week I am on vacation from my full time job so I expect to get more work done on my programming then usual. This includes adding some more news feads to the Casual Games News Engine (CGNE) and possibly posting some information about the CGNE on some rss news feeds that would bring the CGNE to the attention of casual game players so it would receive wider distribution.

NEWS - May 2, 2010

Another week and another update. Progress on my next browser game, now named Robot Labyrinth, is progressing excellently. All I have left to do is aquire and add the music. After this it will be ready for sponsorship bidding (estimated to last 2 weeks) and approval at GamerSafe (unknown how long that will take). After that the game will be released. The next game will be released through my other web site which is Blue Fire Games (link at left).

I have spend so much time getting the game ready that I have not had time to work on any other programs. When this next game is finished I may spend a week or two adding another news feed to the Casual Game News Engine or working on another non-game program (hopefully both).

NEWS - April 25, 2010

I have started an experiment this week. It is a rapid prototyping experiment designed to produce games quicker. Basically I have choosen a game idea (that is not too complicated or long) and will attempt to rapidly create the game over a very short period of time. The game I have choosen is an arcade shooter type of game that will not require a lot of graphical assets. The main benefit of this experiment is to find a way to design and build levels quicker then they were done in the first adventurelet game.

I am hoping this new game will be released before the end of May, 2010 (including sponsorship and game store approval time).

NEWS - April 18, 2010

Yes, I know I missed the weekly update last week but I was busy programming. The next browser game is almost finished and will be released shortly through Blue Fire Games (link located at left).

I spent so much time during the last two weeks getting the next browser game ready that I did not get a chance to work on any of my other products. I still plan on adding more links to the Casual Game News Engine and I discovered that around June 1, 2010 one of the casual game companies (reflexive) will stop distributing games and will instead concentrate on developing games. I will remove the Reflexive news feed once June 1, 2010 gets closer unless they change their mind.

NEWS - April 4, 2010

This week I have added not one but two more news feeds to the Casual Game News Engine (CGNE). If you have the CGNE installed the program will automatically update itself the next time you run it while you are connected to the internet. The new version of the CGNE also features screenshots of new games as well as a description and download link.

I have also decided to release all future games through Blue Fire Games (you will find a link to it on the left). I will keep the games I have already created and are being hosted on this web site right where they are. I do not want to go to the trouble of moving them over.

I also created a new version of the Random Music Player. This version is more reliable then the old version. It have also reposted the links to it on the menu to the left. The new version is still FREE just like the old version. If you do not have a copy of it please feel free to use the link in the menu on the left to go to the Random Music Player's web page where you will find more information and a link to download the program.

Next I am planning on adding another news feed to the Casual Game News Engine. It already has three feeds but I would like to increase it to five leads.

NEWS - March 28, 2010

This week I have added the first news feed to the new Casual Game News Engine (CGNE). If you will remember from an older post, which is now in the old news section, I discovered for some reason that the CGNE mysteriously stopped working correctly. I now suspect it was due to one of the news feeds going to a javascript type of feed which the CGNE could not read. Due to a recent hard drive crash I lost all the source files to the CGNE and had to start again from scratch on a new version. The CGNE is now operational but with only one news feed. I hope to add more news feeds as time goes on. I have restored the link to it on the left menu bar.

I have also decided to use my other web site, BLUE FIRE GAMES, to host my Adventure games. I will leave my older browser games on this web site for now. A few new non-Adventure games might get posted on this site while I only use BLUE FIRE GAMES to host Adventure games.

I have still not started releasing the Random Media Player to the mass market on the internet. I am waiting to polish it just a little more before I release it. While I have not released it to the mass market yet it is available to visitors of this site. Simply click on the link on the left to go to its page where you will find a download link.

NEWS - March 21, 2010

This week I have finished most of the assets for the next game. I still have the analytics code, store code, sponsorship and a few minor additions to the code before the game is finished. It took longer then I though it would to create all the animations for the game but it was a good learning experience that will serve me well in the future. You will find the first screenshot for the game in the old news section (a link to that section is located on the left).

I have also slowly started recreating the Casual Game News Engine. You will notice I have removed the link to it from the menu on the left. I done this because the old version mysteriously stopped working for some reason. The hard drive that it was located on crashed so I could not repair the old program but instead am having to start on a new version. I hope to add one new feed each week to it until I have all the old feeds restored. I will upload the new version to the web site after the first feed is completed (hopefully later today). The engine updates itself automatically which is a good thing. The only thing I need to do to update the program is upload the new version to the server and the rest is handled automatically.

I have also created a new web page called Blue Fire Games. Shortly I will start producing all my games under that label. When that happens I will stop updating game information on this web page and will start doing game updates on that web page. You will find a link for it on the menu to the left.

NEWS - March 14, 2010

This weeks update contains the first screenshot of the next browser game I am releasing. You can see it below.

Adventurelet 1 - Against the Bokari Screenshot.

The player is on the far left side of the room while two opponents (called Bokari) are located to the middle of the room. In the top left of the room is some ammunition for the players gun (it looks like three bullets) and behind the opponents is a health potion (it currently looks like a vase) to restore the players health. I plan on changing the health potion into something that looks like a heart before the game is released. Also note that the screenshot is a still image of the game. The player and opponents are animated in the game but that does show in the screenshot.

I still have more work to go on the game before it is finished (more animations, sound affects, music, analytics coding and store coding) but it is starting to look good.

I have also made some minor improvements on the Random Media Player. If you have already downloaded a copy all you need to do to get the updated version is to start the Random Media Player while connected to the internet and it will automatically update itself.

NEWS - March 7, 2010

I have finished and am now starting to distribute the Random Media Player. You will find a link on the menu to the left that will take you to the Random Media Player detail page where you will find details and a link to download the program. It is designed to replace the Random Music Player so I have removed links to the Random Music Player. The Random Media Player is a free program that is supported through advertising. I am currently planning on having an advertisement free version in the future but that version will cost money to purchase. I will now start distributing the software to various download sites (this will take awhile to have good market penetration).

On the game front I am starting to create the final assets for the next browser game. I had to learn some skills regarding 3D models, posing, rendering, etc... in order to create the main animations for the player and opponents. This took a little longer then expected but I am now creating the final animations. After the final animations I will probably do the store code next (not sure how long taht will take) followed by the analytics code (which should not take long) and finally the sponsor ship period (which should run 2 to 3 weeks).

NEWS - Febuary 28, 2010

I have now finished all the rooms (or levels as each room is designed to be a level) in the game. I have also adjusted the game balance. I am now aquiring more final assets and when I am through with that there is the analytics coding and store coding. Finally there will be the sponsorship period (around two weeks) which will allow advertisers to bid on sponsoring the game. I am suspecting the game will be released during the last half of March.

In addition to the next browser game I have also been working on a new media player. I already have a random music player but it is starting to show its age so I plan on replacing it with another one that will play video in addition to audio. I will be giving the new one away free of charge but it will contain embedded advertising. The only things I need to do to finish it is to insert the advertising and find a library that will play as many different formats of music and video as possible. I already have the media player playing .mp3, .wma, .wmv and .avi files but I would like to have it playing a much wider variety of files then these four basic types. I am planning on releasing the media player in the first half of March. It was not a large program like the next browser game and that is why it is being finished so quickly.

NEWS - Febuary 21, 2010

I only have one room left and all the levels on the next game will be finished. Placing the traps on the levels turned out to be the hardest part of building the levels. I still have to adjust playability, do the analytics coding, do the sponsor coding, do the store coding and aquire the last game assets. I am also considering replacing some of the game assets I have already aquired with better looking ones. While this will take a little time it will make for a better game in the end. I hope to have a screen shot to post before too long. It is looking like I will not be able to release it in Febuary 2010 though. I suspect it may take too long to get a sponsor and do the game store.

NEWS - Febuary 14, 2010

I have been busy populating the dungeon rooms with opponents. This has taken longer then I expected because I am also adding traps as I go along. At this time this task is roughly 66% completed. It has also come to my attention that I might have to fine tune the combat system to make the game a little easier. I want the game to be hard to beat but not impossible. It will take some playtesting to know if I have it too hard or not and while this will add some time before the finished game is released it will make the game much more playable which is a win for everyone.

NEWS - Febuary 7, 2010

I have finished all the maps on all the levels in the game. I am now in the process of creating the opponents and traps found in the game. This is a process that will be done one room at a time but is progressing nicely and quickly. While I still have more work to be done (analytics, high score, sponsorship and some more assets (gaphics, sounds, music, etc...)) I am still hoping to release the game sometime in Febuary 2010.

NEWS - January 31, 2010

This week excellent progress has been made on the game levels. The maps of the levels are roughly 75% completed. After maps I will have to add opponents, traps and any extra odds and ends to finish the levels. This game has been an excellent learning experience and creating the next game in the series should be much easier and quicker. In addition to the levels I still have to aquire the final assets (music, sound affects, graphics) and do some minor coding (analysis and the store) and then the game should be ready for sponsorship viewing. After a short time, I am thinking roughly 2 weeks, in sponsorship it will be released.

NEWS - January 24, 2010

Great progress has been made this week on my next game. Currently most of the programming is finished with only the analytics and high score programming left to be done. Both of these will be done last. I only have to obtain some more assets (the main character and opponent animations, music and sound affects) and design the levels (which I am starting on now).

It does not look like this game will be released in January like I originally hoped but will instead be released in Febuary 2010. This will include an optional two week period to obtain a sponsor for the game. I still hope to have a new web site up at before it is released.

NEWS - January 17, 2010

This week has been a very productive week (I work a full time job in addition to doing my programming but I was on vacation this week so I could spend a greater ammount of time programming). Most of the code work is finished with the exception of finishing the directions and reworking the game controls. Currently the game controls use different keys for different actions (such as pressing the f key to throw a fire bomb) but I want to change it so pressing some key (such as the Alt key) cycles through the attack types while pressing the space key activates the current type of attack selected.

I have already created some of the assets (mainly special affects). I still have the character and mutant animations to go along with the sounds and music (the later two I will probably aquire from a third party instead of creating them myself).

After these I still have the levels to design (I am estimating a total of 20 or so). The game size is getting rather large so that will limit the total number of levels in the game. I am not sure how long this will take but it is probably the largest part of the game that is unfinished.

NEWS - January 10, 2010

This week I have concentrated on the combat system. Each mutant will be given one type of attack (currently either melee, thrown or breath weapon) and I am creating the code for each type of attack. I have finished the melee attack type and have finished 50% of the thrown type with the breath weapon type still to go. The player combat (grenade, fire bomb, club and gun) has been completed. Next I will have to create the directions page, the endgame (including high score) page, aquire the assets (final graphics, music, sounds, etc...), build the levels and then see if anyone wishes to sponsor the game.

I am still hoping to release it by Febuary 1, 2010 at the latest. I should know if this is an attainable target by next weeks update.

NEWS - January 3, 2010

Now, for a more thourough update then the last one. The next game is an adventure game set in a post-holocaust world. In other words, something has destroyed civilization in such a way that created a lot of mutants and other strange monsters. The players goal will be to go into a mutant's lair and recover some stolen food (who said food was worthless). The player will have to kill any mutants encountered and will have a gun, hand grenades, fire bombs and a melee weapon (probably a club) with which to do so. The player will earn points for mutants killed as well as the recovery of the food.

Most of the code for the players actions (firing the gun, throwning grenades and fire bombs) has been completed and the next major step will be creating mutant behaviors. After that there is still traps to build (these always make for an interesting adventure) as well as the levels of the game (which will compose the mutant's lair).

I am intending to make a series of these type of games so I will be reusing the game engine for each game in the future and will be adding new mutants and creating new lairs with each future game. I am still hoping to release the first game in the series (the one I am currently working on) by Febuary 1, 2010.

NEWS - December 27, 2009

Not a whole lot to report this week. I have been making steady progress on my next browser game which I hope to release in Febuary at the latest. I guess no news is good news.

NEWS - December 25, 2009

Just a quick update between normal updates to wish everyone a merry Christmas. I hope everyone not only received wonderful gifts but also had plenty of friends to enjoy them with.

I will have the regular update in two more days,

NEWS - December 20, 2009

I have decided to concentrate on a simpler game and hold the more complicated game I talked about last week until later. Why? The complicated game will take longer to program and has a greater learning curve so I have decided to create another adventure game that can be done quicker. When I got to working on the powers part of the game I realized it would be March or April before it would be completed. I wanted to release my next game before this so I decided to change.

The next game will be a simpler adventure game where the player will be assigned a task to complete. It will be set in a post holocaust world and will contain grenades, fire bombs, guns, mutants (as enemies to fight), etc... While it is an adventure game (complete with exploration) it will also have elements of a shooter game in it. I hope to have this game released by the end of January.

NEWS - December 13, 2009

This week has seen more progress made on the powers part of the game. By powers I mean speacial powers like fire balls, explosions, etc... that the player can generate in the game. This will be a fairly large part of the game so I am creating the ground work for it first. In addition to powers I have done the ground work for the score, life points, experience points (which can be used to make powers stronger or buy new powers) and power points (spent to activate and use powers).

What is the projected release date? Currently I am guessing for a Feb. 2010 release though this estimate is obviously subject to change.

NEWS - December 6, 2009

Work on the next browser game is continuing. I have decided for the next game to create a simpler adventure game then the one I originally envisioned. One that does not have a lot of emphasis on inventory but instead uses basic equipment (which are upgradable) with the use of powers (each of which will also be upgradable to more powerful versions of themselves). The upgrades can be done by earning them in the game or (for the lazy people) by purchasing them ingame. I am now working on the power system.

NEWS - November 29, 2009

This week I have started my next browser game which is an adventure game. By adventure game I mean a game where you go into an area to accomplish a mission and you also get to explore the area while accomplishing the mission. It will be a fantasy game (with monsters, melee and missile weapons, possibly some skills (still deciding on these) and it will use psionics instead of magic. This week I have completed the player movement part of the game and am now working on an inventory system for the game.

NEWS - November 22, 2009

This week has been a bad week. The hard drive on my developers computer crashed. As a result I lost all the flash browser game files that I had been working on (including the most recent one (Robot Maze)). I should have know to keep a backup copy of the files on another computer or the internet but I did not do this and as a result I am now starting from scratch again. At least I have more programming knowledge of ActionScript 3 (flash) so the first games I created were not created in vain.

Fortunatly I learned enough from the games I created that the next game I create will be an adventure game. I have also decided to create a new web site (and company name) for the next series of browser games. It is called Blue Fire Games and I will let you know when I have finished creating and uploading it to the internet.

NEWS - November 15, 2009

This week I have been busy distributing one of my latest flash games (Island Defender) on the internet. There were a lot more sites to distribute it too then I imagined and I am currenlty about 50% through the distribution process. I may take a break from the distribution for awhile to work on a game and I am also considering distributing my next game (currently entitled Robot Maze) to a smaller number of portals (roughly the top 25%). Why? Every game I have created thus far has been a learning block that I used to learn how to create adventure games which is the type of game that I am wanting to create. After Robot Wars the next game will be my first adventure game.

I have also just about decided to create a new company to release my games under. When someone thinks of the name Asah Nekec Productions they do not get a gaming image that a name like "Blue Flame Games" does and I want to change that. When I do I will let you know.

NEWS - November 8, 2009

This past week I have finished the coding on Robot Maze. Now all I need is to create the assets (graphics, music, sounds, etc...) and that game will be finished. I have also just started distributing Island Defender. I hope to get this game on many more portals then my last game (Air Defender) so I expect it to take longer to distribute it.. I have already updated the browser games web page to include the game so you can play it without having to wait for it to uploaded to portals.

NEWS - November 1, 2009

This week I have distributed my first flash browser game (air defender) on the internet. I have also created a page for it on this web site. You will find it listed on the browser games page (link to the right).

Next I will either finish my current flash browser game (called Robot Maze) or distribute my second finished flash browser game (called Island Defender). At this point I am not sure which I will do. Robot Maze needs a little more code work and the assets (graphics, sounds, music, etc...) added to it but it is not far from being finished.

NEWS - October 25, 2009

Just a quick update this week. I have started distributing my first flash browser game. I have worked my way through roughly half the portals. I should have known that it would take awhile because it took awhile to distribute my downloadable products. Hopefully I should complete the distribution process and have the game uploaded to my web site by next weekend at the latest.

NEWS - October 18, 2009

This week I have been busy branding the Air Defender browser game with advertising. It took more work (and longer) then I expected but at least I now have it ready to distribute. Part of the work was also creating some extra web pages for the advertising. While I was at it I also changed my web site a little. I hope to distribute Air Defender before 11-1-2009. Unless there are some unexpected problems this should not be a problem.

NEWS - October 12, 2009

As regular readers have probably already figured out by now this update is one day late. Why? I usually do the updates on Sunday but this past Sunday I made a lot of progress on my next browser game. So much progress that I actually forgot to do the update.

I have learned a lot about level design in the current browser game I am working on. One of the biggest advances made in this game is the fact that the game's level will change each time you play it. I have also made a lot of progress in the graphical quality of the game by improving the animations.

This week I am hoping to brand and release one of the finished browser games (named Air Defender) that I have put up for sponsorship. I may wait until the weekend to give sponsors one last chance.

NEWS - October 4, 2009

This week has been rather slow going. I done a good deal of work on the next browser game to discover the changes I made slowed the game down a great deal. As a result I hit the brakes, threw it in reverse, backed up and redone the work that caused the slow down in an effort to elliminate the slow down. The effort (while not fully completed) was well worth it. I was able to do what I wanted in the game while keeping the game speed high.

I am confident that I will be able to release the next browser game in October and I am already making plans for the browser game which will follow that one.

NEWS - September 27, 2009

This week has seen more developement on the next browser game but there was also a delay. I discovered the enemies in the game were hard to beat - too hard to beat. As a result I delayed development on the game for several days while I analysed the problem and determined what the best solution would be. I have since found a solution that involves removing the enemies ability to move and constructing barriers the player can hide behind which will offer more protection. In order to make the game rewarding I have also changed the general layout and goals of the game to give the player several goals to work towards (high score, collect ammo and stay alive). Progress on the game is now continuing and I suspect this game will be finished in early October 2009.

NEWS - September 20, 2009

I have started on my next browser game. It is going to be another arcade game with a shooter feel to it. The object will be to go through a series of rooms destroying enemies. I know this has already been done before but I am still in the learning phase of programming flash games. Each game I produce is getting better in quality as well as quicker and easier to produce and that is one of my main goals. The game is about 33% finished (half the code is written but no assets have been aquired) and I hope to have it finished around the end of the month.

I also updated my most recent browser game (Island Defender) with better graphics. I hope to release the first flash game I created (Air Defender) around October 7th (2009).

NEWS - September 13, 2009

This week I have finished my second flash browser game. It is called Island Defender and it is another arcade game. I have posted it on for review by sponsors before I release it.

It should be another three weeks until I release my first flash browser game (Air Defender), which is also an arcade game, on the internet. By this time sponsors will have had a chance to bid on a sponsorship of the game.

I will probably start on my next browser game before long. It will probably be a flash game and an arcade game like the other two.

NEWS - September 6, 2009

This week I have finished my next browser game. "Where is it?" you might ask. Rest assured it's not invisible. I have decided to give game portal owners (and other flash game site owners) a chance to license it before I release it. What does this mean? Basically, I will list each finished browser game with for one month before I release it on the internet. When the month is over I will embed my own advertising in the game if noone has purchased an exclusive internet wide license. If site specific licenses have been purchased I will only embed my advertising in the version of the games going to sites which have not purchased a site specific license.

Currently, this release method will be used for all my future browser games because this way will give game site owners a chance to be included and therefore I figure this is the fairest way to do it. What it will basically mean for the end user (you) is that you will have to wait just a little longer to play the game. I may recalculate all my new estimated release times on browser games to reflect this.

The next broswer game, another arcade game, is about 50% completed. I started it last Thursday (September 3, 2009) but did not get to work on it very much on Saturday (September 5, 2009). I was on vacation this past week and that helped me to finish the first game and get a good start on the second game. I did make a lot of progress thus far considering I have only been working on it for three days.

NEWS - August 30, 2009

I have delayed posting this entry as long as possible. I had hoped to have the next browser game finished and ready for distribution by the time I posted this but I still have two things to do before it is finished. First, I have to create three graphics for the game (the player, the enemies and the bombs). Second, I have to add an explosion effect to the game. Importing and using the explosion has proved to be the hardest part - so hard I am considering leaving that part out. Other then these two things the game is for the most part finished. Hopefully I will have a breakthrough in this area soon and it will get included.

I am also debating on if I should allow other companies to purchase a sponsorship in the game or reserve all the sponsorships for myself. It will probably depend upon if I can get the explosion to work the way I want it to. If so I will probably make it available for other sponsors, if not I will not make it available to other sponsors. If I do make it available to other sponsors that will delay the release of the game for another few days while the sponsors evaluate it.

NEWS - August 23, 2009

I have been making steady progress on my next browser game. I still hope to release it this month (August). I would estimate it is about 50% complete at this point (I have justed added several new things to it). The actual coding is probably 75% complete with most of the remaining work being obtaining assets (mainly graphics but also music).

NEWS - August 16, 2009

Most of the programming this week has been on the flash games. I have several ideas for arcade style browser games. Arcade games are the easiest to create and thus my usual first choices when learning a new language. I am still hoping on releasing the next browser game this month (August).

NEWS - August 9, 2009

This week has seen a lot of progress. I have put the finishing touches on the new version of the Casual Game News Engine and uploaded it to the web. For those of you using it the next time you run it you will find directions on how to update to the newest version. With the exception of adding a few more new leads ever once in awhile the work on this program is done. I have developed the program so that it will update itself from this point onward so if there is a new version somewhere down the road updating to the new version will be automatic and easy.

I have also started making progress on my first flash games. Once I started learning actionscript version 3.0 to the exclusion of all other versions I started making progress. How quickly will the next browser game be released? I would still like to release it this month (August) but if not it should be released in September for sure.

I have also been making progress on another "side" program. This program is for use with a pen and paper (not computer) Role Playing Game (rpg). I have been playing rpg's on and off for 25+ years and I am using my experience in this area to develope a program for this niche market. I have never seen a program created that does what this one does so I suspect it should be a hit. I want to wait until it is almost finished before announcing details. I have done enough work to realize it is going to be a bigger project then I anticipated but it is coming along steadily. I am still hoping to release it in August but if not then in September for sure.

NEWS - August 2, 2009

It has been another good week of developement. I have modified the user interface on the new version of the Casual Game News Engine to make it more appealing and I have added another news feed and updated an older news feed as well. I am definately on schedule to release it this month. I have also been making steady progress on my first browser game written in Flash which I also hope to release this month. In addition to these two projects I have also made a lot of progress on one of my side projects (it is for a gaming hobby I enjoy and I will probably release some more information about it next week). If all goes well it should also be released this month.

NEWS - July 27, 2009

Learning Flash has been a long, slow, frustrating process. Apparantly there were some major changes made between ActionScript 2.0 and ActionScript 3.0 which resulted in many new ways of doing things. I was not aware of this and I did not know to check the tutorials to see which version of ActionScript it was created with before I started the tutorial. As a result I have had some rough experiences because what they said was supposed to work wasn't working. I think from this point forward I will concentrate on ActionScript 3.0 only and that should make matters easier.

I am also discovering there are several new tools coming out that will allow people to create browser games using technology other then Flash. In addition to Torque 3D (which I have already mentioned) there is Unity (another 3D game engine), Silverlight (including a silverlight game engine called PlayBits) and Torque 2D (which is similar to Torque 3D but specializes in 2D browser games). I am sure there are others that I am not aware of. I definately intend to keep an eye on some of these others.

I am continuing to add more feeds to the new version of the Casual Game News Engine. My target release date for the new version is now sometime during the month of August. I also have a few small projects in mind that should take less then a week per project. More on these later (or they might just appear without any further talk of them).

NEWS - July 19, 2009

This week has seen work done on the new version of the Casual Game News Engine. I have completed the layout part of the program that is responsible for displaying game information, screenshots, download trial link, etc... That turned out to be a bigger part of the program then I originally suspected but it is now finished. I am now working on news feeds (I have 5 left to go).

I have also started to learn flash. This may take a little longer then I originally thought but I think is a necessary step. As I make more progress in this area you will start to see more browser games released by me.

During the past week I accomplished all this while having to work my day off at my full time job. To me that is good progress.

NEWS - July 12, 2009

This weekend has been a very good weekend. I have uploaded my first Browser Game. You can check it out by using the new menu item on the left. I will probably create the next browser game in Flash.

In addition to this I have made a lot of progress on the new version of the Casual Game News Engine. I would guess that I have probably completed about 25% of it.

In addition to these accomplishments I have also created a program for a third party. It is a random music player that is to be inserted into some units (which are similar to kiosks) that are using winamp.

NEWS - July 5, 2009

Not much to report this week. I usually work 4 days a week which leaves me 1 day to do programming on but this week I ended up working my day off at my full time job. As a result I did not get much programming work done. Hopefully next week will be different and I can get more work done programming.

I hope to be able to post my first browser game to the internet sometime in the upcoming week.

NEWS - June 28, 2009

I have completed the first browser game. I will be posting it on varius internet sites once I have some sponsors for it. I hope it will not take more then 2 weeks to get some sponsors. I am also considering buidling the new web site before I release the game so that I can have all links in the game pointing to the new web site. Either way I hope to have the game released before the end of July 2009.

I will now start spending more time developing the new version of the Casual Game News Engine. I intend to have the new version display the game name, game description, at least three screen shots and have a direct link to download and try the game for free.

NEWS - June 21, 2009

My first browser game is 90+ percent complete. Most of what I have left to do is aquire the game assets (final graphics, music, sounds, etc...) and playtest it some more to get the bugs out. I am still planning on releasing it in June (this month).

I think I will also create a new web page specifically for the games. The title and url of this web page (Asah Nekec Productions and doesn't volunteer the information that my primary focus is going to be games. I will try to get the new web page created before the game is released. When the new web page is created I will probably make the new web page my primary web page and do all the updating on it instead of this page.

The reason there was no update last week was because I went scuba diving both Saturday and Sunday and did not have enough time to do an update. I am now a certified scuba diver and I look forward to doing more scuba diving in the future.

NEWS - June 14, 2009

Not much to report this week. Instead of doing a lot of programming I went and got my scuba diving certification. I had a good time and look forward to doing more scuba diving in the ocean (I dived in a lake to get my certification and the visibility was not clear).

I am still hoping to release my first browser game this month. Just remember it is an experiment to test one of the tools available to create browser games.

NEWS - June 7, 2009

This week I have made a lot of progress on my first browser game. I have almost finished the trappings (credits, sponsor page, instructions, etc...). I have also started the game mechanics but I have not started on the game assets (final graphics, sounds, music, etc...). Thus far I have just used placeholder assets to represent the final assets. I usually do the trappings first, game mechanics second and save the assets for last. I definately plan on releasing it sometime in June. Just remember it is intended to be an experiment to test one way to create browser games.

NEWS - May 31, 2009

It seems like this month has flew by. I have been making progress on my first browser game (a very simple shooter game which I am creating to learn the ropes). I have decided to use an activeX component (created with a program called Web Game Builder) with a simple game making program (called Game Maker) to create it. I hope to have it released sometime in June. I would like to add a few twists to increase game play and make the game more reusable in the long run by adding random elements. I am looking forward to releasing it.

No new progress on the rewrite of the casual game news engine (like I have already stated, this is a project that is on the backburner). The current version is still working fine so there is no hurry on a new version.

The final release of Torque 3D has not been released yet. I think I will wait until the final version is released before I try it again. This will save me from having to download a new version, uninstall the old version and then reinstall a new version with each beta version. It also has a much larger learning curve then I expected. But I am still looking forward to creating some 3D browser games with it. It may just take a little longer then expected.

NEWS - May 24, 2009

Not a lot to report this week. I tried writing a new version of the Casual Game News Engine with Silverlight only to discover that Silverlight will not allow the program to open a stream (which is used to get the needed game information) from a web site unless the owner of the web site has a cross domain policy file which permits it. Most of the source web sites do not and this makes Silverlight unaceptable as a platform for this program. Back to the drawing board.

Garage Games released a new beta version of Torque 3D with improvements. Due to my efforts with the Casual Game News Engine rewrite I have not had much time to experiment with Torque 3D. As a result I uninstalled the first beta version and am waiting until I have a little more time before installing the next version. I am continuing experimenting with other methods to create browser games to see which method produces the best results the quickest and easiest. Some other methods I am checking on are Flash, Silverlight and using ActiveX components.

NEWS - May 17, 2009

I have decided the first browser game will be a simple arcade shooter game. Either something like a simple maze or perhaps something similar to invaders. I will start the games small and simple while getting more complex as I create more. I am also experimenting with a few other ways of creating browser games. I will post progress reports as time goes by.

Progress on the next version of the Casual Game News Engine is continuing at a steady pace. It's still a side project and I have not set a deadline on when it will be done. I am experimenting with doing it in an imbedded language (Pure Basic) instead of C# which was what the original one was written in. This is also delaying it's release a little bit.

NEWS - May 10, 2009

I have been making progress on creating my first browser game. The first program a programmer creates with a new tool is always the hardest and takes the longest but I am making progress.

I have also decided to rewrite the Casual Game News Engine. Why? Because it currently gets its news from a file on the internet that I create and upload twice a day. If I were to go on a vacation where there is no internet service (yes, there are places like that out there) it would not be updated with the latest game news. I would like to elliminate this weekness and the only way to do it is to rewrite it so that it gets the needed information directly from the source itself. I would also like to add a few new features (such as screenshots, a download button which will download a trial of the game and give it the ability to update itself if a new version is released in the future). I have already started on it and this is something that I am doing "on the side" in addition to working on the browser game. I do not expect this rewrite to take too long.

NEWS - April 26, 2009

There will not be much of a news update this week because I had to work my day off this week (I work a full time 40+ hour a week job in addition to my programming) and did not get to do a lot of programming this week.

The Torque 3D beta was released on the last day of April and I have downloaded it and am now in the process of learning it. It looks like it is going to be very promising. I am not going to set a time as to when I think the first game created with it will be released because I am not sure how much of a learning curve there will be. At least I now have the game engine so I can start making browser games.

NEWS - April 26, 2009

Ah, another week and it's time for another update.

First off, I would like to say thank you! Thank you to everyone that has used one of the links located below to either make a donation or purchase me a gift from my gift list. I really appreciate it. I will try to always keep my gift list from getting too low on items to choose from. I am also considering making gift lists with other stores in addition to such as I-tunes. When I do I will add a link to them.

This week I have concentrated on tying up some loose ends in preperation for starting browser game developement. I have a few other programs that are partially done (a kiosk, a data encryption/decryption program, a song embeding program, and a few others) and I tried to do some work on these this week. The kiosk program will be in debug mode after I add one more feature to it. The song embeding program is pretty much finished (it just needs more testing to make sure there are no unknown bugs). The encryption/decryption program still has a ways to go before it is finished (it is about 50% complete now).

The game company (Garage Games) that is releasing the Torque 3D game engine has announced that a Beta version of it will indeed be released during the last week of this month (April). I am definately looking forward to it. I will start off by creating several very simple beginner games as I learn the game engine before going on to more complicated games. I will eventually post these beginner games either on my own web site or on some of the online gaming sites for everyone to play free of charge. I think Garage Games has requested for people that get the beta version to wait until the full version of the engine is released (sometime in May) before they start releasing games created with it. If this is true the first of these simple games will probably not be available until sometime in late May. If not, I will release them as I get them finished.

NEWS - April 19, 2009

Another week has come and gone. A lot of this week's work has centered on looking for new independent games to list on the Casual Game News Engine. There are many very good independent games being released that are not being listed on any of the game portals. The trick for me is finding them when they are still new releases in order to qualify to be listed on the Casual Game News Engine. I am very happy at the increasing popularity of the Casual Game News Engine indicated by the fact that the bandwidth being used by it is steadily increasing. I am also still working on adding more news feeds to it.

The beta version of Torque 3D has still not been released yet but I hear it should be released the last part of April. I still have my fingers crossed and am very much looking forward to being able to use this new tool to create some great games.

NEWS - April 11, 2009

Last week's update was a day late and this week's update is a day early. Go figure.

I have added 2 more news feeds to the Casual Game News Engine. I am still in the process of working on another and I have ideas of where I can get one or two more. The Casual Game News Engine is shapping up to be a good program (and it's still free).

Torque 3D has still not been released so I am still waiting patiently. I have been fighting the urge to start some browser games before Torque 3D is released (some of the small and simple flash games can be created in one day). In addition to the time to develop the game I would still have to market it would which would take much longer. I do not want to have several small projects to finish before I can jump into Torque 3D when it is released and thus I have successfully resisted the temptation.

NEWS - April 6, 2009

This update is a day late (I just got busy and forgot to do the weekly update). Better late then never I guess.

I have purchased the Torque 3D game engine. There is supposed to be a beta release this month with the retail version being released next month. It will not be long after that until extra items are being released for it (such as models and starter kits for various types of games). I am definately looking forward to it.

I am also working on adding two more news feeds to the Casual Game News Engine. I am looking forward to adding these next two feeds because they sometimes offer games that the other feeds do not have. I am happy with the way the Casual Game News Engine's popularity is growing. Bandwidth being used by it is increasing each month which means it is being used by more people.

NEWS - March 29, 2009

Not much to report this week. I had to fix 2 of the news feeds (which happens when the company being reported on changes the page where I get the news from). Fortunatley this only happens once in a while. I also done some marketing for the Casual Game News Engine (specifically buying some advertising for it) to increase it's distribution. I have mostly been getting ready to start making browser games with the new game engine. See last weeks news for more on the new game engine

NEWS - March 22, 2009

If you use the Casual Game News Engine you should have already discovered that there was a new news feed added this past week. If not, you know now. I am still working on adding other news feeds too it and with each new feed the program just keeps getting better and better.

I have also choosen the method that I am going to use to make browser games. It is called Torque3D and there have been several blog entries created about it that gives details. The first blog entry (which also contains links to the other blogs) can be found here. Take a look and see what you think. The only drawback is that it is currently in developement but the release date is scheduled for May with an early beta being released in April which I can use to start learning the engine.

NEWS - March 15, 2009

Not much to report this week. One of the news feeds for the Casual Game News Engine changed the source I was getting the information from and as a result I had to rewrite that feed. I have also been working on two additional feeds but as of yet have not been able to add them the the Casual Game News Engine.

I think I may start spending less time on the Casual Game News Engine in the future and more time on other programs. I still want to create games (including browser games) and am still researching the various tools available in that area.

NEWS - March 8, 2009

Most of the work this week has been on getting new leads for the Casual Game News Engine. I am working on adding two new leads to it and I hope to have both of them fully functional by the end of the week. It is amazing how many new leads are starting to show up.

I have not decided for certain what the next software program will be and I am still weighing the choices available for creating browser games. Right now I am leaning towards using silverlight for browser games but the decision has not been made.

I know that sometimes it looks like I do not get a lot accomplished each week but this is due mainly to me working a full time job in addition to my programming. I would like to do programming full time and that is one of the things I am working towards. Perhaps one day soon I will acheive it.

NEWS - March 1, 2009

This past week I have been looking into the different languages that allow developers to create browser games. Currently there are not many (Silverlight, Flash and JavaFX are three of the biggest) and I am trying to evaluate them all to see which one I like best. In addition to the languages there are also several game engines about to be released that will allow you to make browser games with them. Before I start making browser games I want to learn enough about each platform and game engine to allow me to choose a good tool to create browser games with. Due to this fact it might be another month before I choose the tool and start making browser games.

Meanwhile, I have been creating a program that encrypts/decrypts files. The idea is to allow people to encrypt files and send them via the internet and then have the receiver decrypt them when they arrive. This program is coming alone quickly and should be completed quickly (it is roughly 75% finished now).

Another program I am thinking about creating is a Video Downloader. This program will allow people to download videos from such sites as u-tube. The main reason I am considering the video downloader is because I want one for myself. If I create it for myself I figure I might as well make it available for others to use (this was how the Random Music Player was created). The Video Downloader will have to be updated every so often because video web sites change their web sites every so often (which usually makes older video downloaders stop working on the site). Due to this if I release the Video Downloader I will probably charge a small fee ($4.95 to $9.95) for it. This fee would allow the purchaser to get free updates for the program for 1 year after the date of purchase. After the time has expired the user can purchase another one year subscription to the service.

NEWS - February 22, 2009

This week has flew by quickly. It seems only yesterday that I wrote the last news update. During the past week I have done more work on the news feeds to the Casual Game News Engine. I hope to add more news feeds before the next update. I am also still working on releasing press releases for the Casual Game News Engine.

I am considering releasing a game as the next new program. I would like to do either browser games or something along the line of a casual adventure game. I am leaning toward browser games and if I do browser games I will be making a series of micro-games while learning about browser game production and I will probably make these available free of charge. This is not an immediate project but is more in the medium range plans.

NEWS - February 15, 2009

This week has been spent adding more feeds to the Casual Game News Engine (as people that use it have already discovered). One of the feeds, the independent studios feed, is dedicated to covering new games released by many different small independent studios. I still hope to add more feeds to the Casual Game News Engine in the future but I am also looking into releasing some press releases about the Casual Game News Engine.

NEWS - February 1, 2009

Not much news to report this week. I have been working on adding more feeds to the Casual Game News Engine and one feed is for small independent studios that do not release many games. It will be a collection of games recently released by a wide collection of small studios. The biggest part was modifying the news generator (the program that generates the file which the Casual Game News Engine gets the news from) to allow it to create needed web pages on the fly. That part is just about done. The next part will be hand picking the games that will be announced through the Casual Game News Engine. That part will be an ongoing process.

I am still hoping to release another program in Febrary though I am not exactly sure what it will be at this point (I have many ideas for new programs). Time will tell.

NEWS - January 25, 2009

I have finally finished submitting the Casual Game News Engine to most of the download sites. My next step is to release a series of press releases targeted at game players in general (and casual game players in particular) letting everyone know about the program. I have been searching for suitable news feeds to add to the program but I have found that some of the casual game portals seems to have stopped releasing new games. I would like to add at least two more news feeds before I move on to my next project (which I am still hoping to release in Febuary).

NEWS - January 18, 2009

This week I have made a lot of progress toward getting the Casual Game News Engine fully released. I would estimate that there are 100 sites still left to submit it to. Thus far the Casual Game News Engine has meet was a warm reception (it has even been in the top 1% of downloaded software on one of the sites). I am still working on adding new feeds (I am working on a miscellaneous feed that would list casual games put out by smaller independent studios).

NEWS - January 7, 2009

This update is a little late as I have been busy releasing the Casual Game News Engine. Currently I am only somewhere around half way through with the release process (it takes a lot of time to submit it to all the download sites). I still plan on adding more news feeds to it shortly (I would like it to have as many news feeds as is possible).

I have been thinking about what program to do next and have not reached a decision yet. Most of my emphasis is currently focused on getting the Casual Game News Engine fully released. I will probably decide which program to do next and start it within two weeks and I will probably choose a shorter program that can be finished quickly. I would like to have one new program released each month this year while keeping the quality of the programs high. Thus far I have gotten off to a good start this year.

NEWS - December 28, 2008

This week has seen more work on the Casual Game Engine. Most of it has been under the hood again but you should be noticably suprised by the larger pictures being displayed. I am also very close to adding two more feeds. I currently plan on starting the official release on Wednesday (just in time for the new year).

Happy new year to everyone. I am excited about the things coming down the road in the new year. It is definately going to be a good one.

NEWS - December 21, 2008

This week I have added another feed to the Casual News Game Engine. I have also shortened each feed to five entries instead of the originial ten (I done this to prepare for the day when there will be many feeds). I am in the process of setting up another lead and hope to have it up within a week. I have also done some more work on the Casual Game Engine but again the extra work is all "under the hood" and is not noticable to end users. The improvements I have done recently have more to do with being able to add new feeds without having to issue a new copy of the Casual Game News Engine each time I add a new feed.

I wish everyone a merry christmas. May your christmas be happy and peaceful as well as filled with all kinds of good game play.

NEWS - December 14, 2008

This week has seen some changes to the Casual Game News Engine. All the changes are under the hood though and are not noticable to end users. All the changes were aimed at allowing new news feeds to be added easily and quickly. There are now a total of two news feeds but more are on the way. I have uploaded the new verion to the web site but I have not uploaded the new version to the various download centers. I am waiting until I have at least five feeds before doing that.

NEWS - December 7, 2008

Another week has come and gone and it seems like christmas is quickly approaching. This week I have added another news feed to the Casual Game Search Engine and I would like to add several more before I post an updated version of the software at the various download sites on the web. I will post the most recent version on this web site before I post it on the download sites. The newest news feed is from Indie Game Mall and lists the most recently released games. I hope to have another news feed added and the latest version of the software posted on this site by December 20. I would like to add at least one new feed to the software each week but I am also prototyping some new ideas for software at the same time. This prototyping takes time but is sometimes a necesity.

NEWS - November 30, 2008

The last day of the month finds me releasing another program. It is called the Casual Game News Engine. It displays news about new casual game releases. More specifically it displays the source of the news, the name of the game, a link to learn more about the game, a picture representing the game and a short description of the game. It is currently only getting information from one news source (Big Fish Games) but I hope to add more news sources to it in the near future. It is available for free and more information about it can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link on the left side of the page. It can also be downloaded, free of charge, from the same product description page.

NEWS - November 23, 2008

I know it has been awhile since I have done an update so I am posting this quick update. Most of the delay was the result of me doing a special program for a local recording studio. The program embeds data such as performers, song name, album name, lyrics, copyright, etc... into songs. If anyone else would like to get a copy of the song embedder software I am charge on a per song embedded basis with no upfront cost for obtaining the software. For more information send me an email at

NEWS - October 14, 2008

Due to having to upgrade some hardware there has been a delay in the release of the next program. How much of a delay I do not know but the next program will be a game of some sort.

The first two programs were designed to help me

NEWS - October 04, 2008

After a slighly longer delay then I originally anticipated I am now releasing my second product. It is a Lyrics Viewer which will allow the user to view song lyrics which have been embedded in songs.

The delay was the result of several programming obsticles I did not expect. I did find solutions to each of the problems and my skills as a programmer are getting better with each product.

I have a vacation coming up the last part of the month so I hope to make a lot of progress on the next program, perhaps even finish it, during that week or earlier. More information will be posted about the next product in the next update hopefully next week.

NEWS - September 20, 2008

I have decided to go ahead and release the lyrics viewer. I have two more tasks and the program will be finished (and it should definately be finished by the end of the month).

Why am I releasing it when there are so many songs that do not have lyrics embedded in them? Because I can embed lyrics (and other information such as album, artist, year, performers, etc...) in songs for a small fee. One of the tasks is to generate a new web page that will instruct customers how to place orders for this service. The lyrics viewer program will start making people aware that lyrics can be embedded in songs and as demand for this feature increases by fans this feature will become more popular.

NEWS - September 13, 2008

This week has been a fairly productive week. The next project I was going to release was going to be a lyrics viewer that would allow people to view song lyrics on their computer. The software was almost finished when I discovered that the majority of songs (especially older songs) do not have lyrics embedded in the song (which is required for the lyrics to be viewed).

I am debating about writing a program that would embed not only lyrics but also such things as year, group name, album, performers names, etc... and offering a new music embedding service through my web site.

It is too early to know if we will pursue these two projects next or pick another project. I should know by next week.

NEWS - September 7, 2008

Just a quick note today. We have been working on the next product. I am certain the next product (which I will tell you about in the next press release) will be released by the end of the month and it will also be free.

My goal is to have at least one new product released each month and I am sure we can accomplish this goal without sacrificing quality.

NEWS - August 31, 2008

We have finished our first product (the random music player). The menu to the left contains a link that will take you to a detailed web page describing the program that also contains a download link. My goal was to get this program out by the end of this month and I just barely made the goal.

NEWS - August 16, 2008

We are making steady progress on the random music player. We are programming it in C# which is a new language for me so I have the extra task of learning a new programming language at the same time. Due to this fact while progress is steady it has also been slow.

One thing I failed to mention last week was that the first three or projects I am going to release will be FREE. Yes thats right. It will not cost you anything to get the software.

NEWS - August 10, 2008

Asah Nekec Productions produces a wide variety of software from games to music utilities.

The first product we are going to release is a random music player. The random music player will automatically start and will play all the songs in the folder in random order. There will be buttons to play the next song, the previous song, to pause the song, to restart the song and to rerandomize the current list of songs. If the Random Music Player is opened from the Start Menu it will automatically go to the My Music folder (located on the Start Menu) and start playing random music in that folder. It can play .mp3, .ogg and .wav files. There will also a button across the bottom of the player that will allow you to open a new web browser at a variety of locations to find more information about the album containing the song. Once this program is released it can be downloaded here as well as from many different download sites.

You will also find two links on the left side of the page. One takes you to a casual game portal that gives free sample downloads of all games and the other takes you to a page that has some software made by other companies that I recommend.