Welcome to Asah Nekec Productions

You will find several programs offered through this web site.

The Browser games are three arcade games I created. They were created as learning experiences while learning to program and they are all free to play.

The Lyrics Viewer displays lyrics of songs. In order for this to work the song must have the lyrics embedded into the song. Many older songs and songs by independent artists do not have their lyrics embedded but more artists are embedding the lyrics in their songs now. This program is available for free.

The Random Music Player and Random Media Player are similar. As their names suggest both of them randomly play media on your computer with the only difference being the Random Media Player plays both music and movies while the Random Music Player only plays music. Both of these programs are available for free.

You will find links on the left that will take you to detailed web pages of the various products being offered at this site. Each of these pages contains a detailed description, a screenshot and a download link to the various programs. All of these programs are available free of charge.

All of the above programs are self updating. This means that when a new version of the program is released the program will automatically update itself if it has access to the internet when it is started. This way you will not have to worry about downloading and installing a new version of a program each time it is updated.

As I create and release more programs they will be added to this site.


To see the old news click on the "Old News" link on the left side.

To contact me send me an email to

I use the following program to my programs to internet sites: It is available free of charge and allows a programmer to upload his programs to a wide variety of sites. If you are a programmer give it a try.